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HCG Diet Drops Does It Work

The HCG diet makes use of diet drops to allow the dieter to burn fat, with extremely rapid weight loss being the intended goal.

The dieter is meant to sustain a diet of 500 calories per day, in conjunction with HCG diet drops, to force the body to shed fat calories as opposed to food calories.

The true worth of HCG diet drops has recently been disputed, and the FDA have started to restrict sales by closing suppliers down who made over-the-top boasts about the HCG diet drops’ effectiveness.

Nonetheless, other suppliers have highlighted the point that regulators targeted the sellers that hyped up the results of the HCG diet, and did not actually criticise the HCG diet plan itself.

This extremely low calorie diet program was invented by Dr Simeons, who designed the HCG diet drops. This program purportedly places the body into a state of starvation, causing it to shed its’ stored fat as a replacement for normal food calories. Dieters are supposed to eat only the bare minimum required to quell the urge for food.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone produced during pregnancy that is made by the developing embryo after conception.

When eating breakfast, the HCG diet program advises a single tablespoon of milk with coffee or tea. This is the only milk which is permitted during a twenty-four hour time frame. Herbs, such as stevia, or artificial sweeteners, such as saccharine, might be placed into the tea or the coffee.

At lunchtime, the diet advises one hundred grams of extremely lean, raw protein. This may include extremely lean white fish, chicken breast, beef, lobster, shrimp or veal. Any fat upon the meat needs to be taken off before it is cooked, and the process of cooking should not include any extra fat. Boiling or grilling is OK; although frying with oil – even if it is healthy oil – is not. Lunchtime can also feature 1 type of vegetable or fruit, like a cluster of strawberries, 1 apple or half-a-grapefruit.

The identical rules which apply to lunchtime are also applicable at dinner time. The vegetable selection  might include celery, fennel, spinach, cabbage, tomato, onion, cucumber, asparagus, chicory, beet greens, chard, red radishes or green salad.

Once the HCG diet started to grow in popularity, dieters began sharing recipes for the five hundred calorie diet, and lots of these can now be located on the internet. The diet drops are presented in a set, that is sold by vendors, and this set also has a comprehensive outline of the extremely reduced calorie diet program.

It is better to speak with a GP prior to commencing the HCG diet – or before any drastic weight reduction regime. Weight reduction is paramount for long term vitality, but hard-core dieters might see their weight as a cosmetic concern, as opposed to a health issue. A GP can be a useful counsellor, helping a dieter to be sure that his/her weight loss choices are conducive to a favourable cosmetic outcome. Also, and more importantly, a GP can offer dieters a sound and beneficial basis for improved health over the long term.

Alternative Diet Drops

Liquid Diet Drops have no hormones in them and represent a reliable alternative to Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) drops.

Liquid Diet Drops’ complicated formula adds to the body’s natural amino acids and facilitates the transporting of fat throughout the bloodstream to the places it can be burned more effectively.

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