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Chocolate Banana Review, Does It Work, Stockists In Australia

chocolate banana reviewChocolate Banana is a non-prescription diet pill, that is made out of a all natural and herbal ingredients,

You would be forgiven for thinking that it is something altogether entirely different. Sadly, no chocolate and no banana’s – ‘Chocolate Banana’ refers to the name of the company responsible for production, a British company called Chocolate Banana Ltd.

The product (and the company) have been around since 2008 but recently both have been upgraded, updated and relaunched. Out initial review (from a sister publication) was not too flattering – does the new incantation fair better?

There are 4 products in the weight loss range including: Chocolate Banana Ultra, Thermite, Thermite Plus and Special Edition

What Is Chocolate Banana And How Does It Work?

Chocolate Banana websiteThe original Chocolate Banana (diet pill) was made using Sida cordifolia as a primary ingredient.  Sida cordifolia has many benefits to human health and is often used to treat asthma, flu and other nasal congestion problems. It is also used to treat head ache and wheezing or coughing.

Its main commercial use is connected to weight loss and is said to act as appetite suppressant by reducing hunger pangs and increases energy levels. The manufacturers also claim that their product can boost the metabolic rate and subsequently burn fat.

There does not appear to be any evidence of this by way of clinical study or scientific trials.

Key Ingredients

There is a distinct lack of ingredient information on the official website with regard to ingredients As we have touched upon above the original product was comprised of Sida Cordifolia with Gurana and White Willow Bark – the new formula formula appears to have omitted these ingredients but does not state what is in it.

There are 4 weight loss products in the ne line up including: Chocolate Banana Ultra, Thermite, Thermite Plus and Special Edition

Interesting Chocolate Banana Fact

Chocolate Banana aids in the elimination of excess fat from the body. Once the process of fat storage and fat formation are reduced to a large extent, reducing weight is no more a difficult task. Instead of doing too many workouts and instead of going on a strict diet, Chocolate Banana helps you to lose weight at a fast rate. But since the reviews are not positive, you cannot rely completely on it. It will help in reducing the amount of calories stored in the body by the process called thermogenesis.

Media Focus And Press Coverage

There is a not much by way of press coverage either form unbiased sources or self promotion. We would expect this change as the company have invested time, effort and possible a great deal of money revamping the product range and the website.

Chocolate Banana Success Stories

There are not many success stories. When would you wish to buy a product? When there are good testimonials about a product and when the mechanism of action is clear, you would surely purchase a product. When these two details are not clear about Chocolate Banana, many people are reluctant to purchase it.

Chocolate Banana Side Effects

There have not ben reports of side effects or adverse reactions.

Is It Recommended

Chocolate banana might seem to be an enticing option to many diet conscious people. But you need to look at the pros and cons of all types of pills before using them as a daily supplement. There are no clinical studies that can support the effects of Chocolate Banana. There is no clear reference to justify the points stated by the manufacturers to allow us to give this product any kind of recommendation.

Recommended Diet Pills

PhenQ in AustraliaThere are several better options in our opinion that offer a better chance of success than Chocolate Banana. PhenQ is our top choice and not without good reason.

PhenQ is the commercial alternative to Phentermine – it is powerful and made with ingredients that are proven and side effect free.

PhenQ is also manufactured in GMP certified facilities that are FDA registered

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