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High School Genes – Goop Diet Pill

High School Genes Review

Goop Diet Pills High School Genes is cleverly-named supplement developed for Goop.

According to the somewhat brief product description in the Goop online store, it was formulated for women and, in particular, women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down due to the hormone changes caused by menopause.

The fact that High School Genes is a weight loss product intended for menopausal women makes it appear to be unique. If there is another product like it we have not encountered it yet.

The amount of ingredients involved also helps Goop’s offering to stand out from other diet products. There are so many a single pill would be unable to house them.

Goop have solved this by splitting the formulation down into several different pills and placing them inside little packets. Each packet is classed as one dose. High School Genes also stand out as being more expensive than most other weight management products. This is not a point in its favour and Goop make matters worse by failing to offer a money back guarantee.

Manufacturer Credibility

Goop is owned by Gwyneth Paltrow. However, the “Iron Man” star has used her company to present some pretty controversial ideas and products, including a jade egg that is designed to be placed inside the vagina. Goop says it has the power to increase sexual energy, improve the health, and provide optimal self-love and well being, but medical experts say don’t do it. Having said that, many women all over the world love Goop products.

High School Genes Promised Benefits

  • Supports cellular health
  • Supports normal glucose and energy metabolism
  • Addresses numerous systems in the body that might contribute to weight gain

What the Product is Really Likely to Do

Its true to say that there is a relationship between menopause and weight gain, but Mayo Clinic staff say it can be reversed by switching to a more active lifestyle and paying attention to healthy eating habits.

However, the formulation contains several forms of Vitamin B, including niacin and riboflavin, and B Vitamins are known to promote cellular health and help the body obtain energy from food.

Iodine is a good ingredient because the thyroid uses it to manufacture metabolism-governing “T” hormones. Green tea and green coffee bean are both respected diet pill ingredients.

Both of them have metabolism boosting abilities and some of the antioxidants provided by green tea appear to offer some level of protection from breast cancer.

Berberine is also credited with this ability and may also be able to overturn menopause comorbidities. Many of the ingredients in the formulation have value, but there are around 50 of them and there is no way to predict how such a large amalgamation of compounds is likely to perform.

Dosage and Frequency – Only one dose is required per day, but there are six pills in total.

High School Genes Customer Comments

We were unable to find any customer comments at the time of this review.

Are There Any Side Effects of High School Genes?

Goop points out rhubarb extract usage can be hard on the stomach and may cause diarrhoea. They also state Vitamin A may be toxic and could contribute to osteoporosis. High School Genes contains 100% of the RDA, so this is a point worth noting.

Many other vitamin inclusion rates contain amounts that far exceed recommendation, so we suggest all potential users play it safe and avoid this product unless its use has been approved by their doctor.

High School Genes Pricing and Distribution

Goop does not ship products internationally, but people living in the USA can buy High School Genes from the company’s online store. A 30-day supply costs USD$ 90 (AUD$ 115). This is quite expensive, but it is possible to obtain a modest discount by buying via the company’s auto-ship option instead.

Final Evaluation

Most women who buy this product are likely to do so because they hope it will help them to get slimmer and keep their weight under control.

Although the formulation contains some ingredients, such as green tea and iodine, that should be good for helping with this, it is lacking in potential and does not compare well with many competing products.

For one thing, High School Genes does not contain any powerful appetite suppressing ingredients, like nopal, and fighting hunger urges can be incredibly hard. The product is also expensive to buy and use and Goop are not offering a money back guarantee. T

PhenQ reviewsThe no.1 diet product in the world is called PhenQ. It’s an appetite suppressant, a fat burner, and much more.

In fact it offers dieters so much support it’s been likened to several diet pills rolled into one, so it’s poles apart from Goop’s several diet pills that act as one. The manufacturer offers free worldwide shipping, along with a 60-day money back guarantee.

PhenQ may not be as trendy as High School Genes, but customer reviews show it gets the job done and in the end that is what counts.

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Hydro-Lyn Review

Hydro-Lyn from Nutrition Labz

Hydro-Lyn ReaviewHydro-Lyn is a diet pill that is available to buy online.

The company distributing the product make several claims for its weight reducing abilities, but fails to identify any of the ingredients used or explain how their formulation will manage to produce the promised results.

There are no real customer reviews, the pills are expensive to buy, and no money back guarantee is available.

Needless to say, our first impression is not good.

Hydro-Lyn Benefits

  • Appetite Suppression
  • Controls fat intake
  • Blocks the absorption of dietary fats
  • Boosts the metabolism
  • Accelerates fat burning
  • Purges the body of bad toxins

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Who Makes Hydro-Lyn?

Hydro-Lyn is marketed by a company called Nutrition Labz, but it is unclear if the company is also the manufacturer of the product. The official website does not have an “about us” page and we were unable to discover any information about the company at all.

Hydro-Lyn Australia

How the Formulation Works 

Presuming the formulation works in the desired manner, customers who take Hydro-Lyn should be able to avoid the hunger pangs that may otherwise cause them to fall off the wagon and ditch their low-calorie diets. The pills also appear to be designed to act as fat blockers.

Diet pills of this nature cut-down the amount of dietary fat the body can absorb from food. Each gram of fat carries an energy charge of nine calories.

That’s a lot higher than the four calories per gram provided by carbohydrates and protein, and all those calories can add up fast. That’s why people who eat too much fatty food risk becoming obese.

If Hydro-Lyn is capable of providing the promised metabolism boost the body will burn calories faster. A body that is getting less calories per day and burning them faster is apt to become so short of energy it has to begin burning its stores of fat to get the extra calories it needs.

Diet pills that detox the body are in the minority, but a detox does have the potential to support weight loss because the toxins that build up in the body over time can retard the metabolism and cause the body to burn a reduced amount of calories. This can result in weight gain.

Active Ingredients

Nutrition Labz fails to provide any ingredient information at all. This is totally unacceptable. People should not be expected to buy and consume any brand of diet pill without first knowing what ingredients are inside it.

Usage Guidelines – Only one capsule is needed per day and it has to be taken before or after breakfast. How long before or after is not stated.

Hydro-Lyn Customer Comments

We were unable to find a reliable source of customer feedback for this product. There’s one positive review on the Nutrition Labz website, but reviews published on manufacturer’s websites are likely to biased or contrived and cannot be relied upon for accuracy.

Hydro-LynSide Effects & Health Considerations

Nutrition Labz say the formulation is “100% safe and natural. We hope this is true, but there is no way to even take a stab in the dark at what the potential side effects are likely to be because we have no idea what the formulation contains or where the pills are produced.

Some diet pill ingredients are known to cause bad reaction issues and/or clash with certain medications.

Others, such as the popular fat blocker chitosan, can cause some people to have an allergic reaction (some forms of chitosan contain shell fish extracts). We suggest all potential users think long and hard before buying this product and refrain from using it unless their doctor has assured them it is safe to do so.

Where to Buy Hydro-Lyn

You can only buy Hydro-Lyn from the manufacturer’s website. There are 30 capsules per bottle and the price is $64.99.


There is no money back guarantee.

The Verdict

There is a shocking lack of information about this dieting and weight loss product and there is no way of ascertaining what it will be able to do.

The potential benefits and dangers its use may entail are a complete mystery because Nutrition Labz does not provide a list of ingredients. There are also doubts about the company’s credibility as a supplement supplier. Where is it based?

Order PhenQ in AUDWhen was it founded and what experience does it have as a supplement supplier? None of these things are known, but we do know Hydro-Lyn is an expensive product that is not backed by a guarantee.

Reputable diet pill manufacturers usually provide some information about themselves and always state what their products contain.

The best diet pills are distributed by companies such as these and leading diet pills, like PhenQ, are backed by a money back guarantee. They are better than Hydro-Lyn right across the board.

Find out why customers love PhenQ

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