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XLS Medical Fat Binder Or Proactol Plus

XLS Medical Fat Binder And Proactol Plus Compared

There are often comparisons drawn between XLS Medical Fat Binder and Proactol Plus. Both products are at the very top of the fat binding genre and have enjoyed strong support from from the medical community professionally and from the buying public.

Weight loss forums, discussion websites, Facebook and Twitter appear to be trending “what is best XLS Medical or Proactol” – we have reviewed both products recently so we put them side by side.

Both fat binders are approved by the necessary governmental bodies in the UK, the USA, Canada and Australia

XLS Medical Fat Binder And Proactol Plus Differences

Before we detail the differences between the two it would make sense to draw a parallel between them first.

  • Both products use the prickly pear Opuntia ficus-indica as a main ingredient
  • InQPharm manufacturer both products
  • XLS Medical and Proactol claim that they can render 27% of dietary fat indigestible
  • XLS and Proactol are both clinically proven appetite suppressants
  • Both products are Medical Device type II’s and have the CE mark of approval
  • XLS and Proactol are fully accredited by the ASA, MHRA and other national governmental departments that oversee the validity of products and their claims
  • Both are available without prescription

Now we can start to list the differences between XLS Fat Binder and Proactol

First Released

Proactol was released to the UK in 2006 and quickly established itself as premium diet supplement. XLS was released in 2012 and gained momentum throughout the year and now pitches itself as the main rival to Proactol.

Popularity And Media

Prior to 2012 Proactol had the market-share pretty much to itself but has not really used the media as fiercely as perhaps it could have.

XLS on the other hand has done exactly the opposite and enlisted celebrity endorsement in the form of Mixa Paris and helen Leaderer. There is also a very effective television advert that is doing the rounds regularly in the UK.


There is a 6 month, 180 day guarantee on Proactol Plus, making it the largest guarantee period in the industry.

If you have tried for several months (below 6) and feel you have not benefitted then you are entitled to a refund provided you keep all packaging including the blister strip

There is no guarantee on XLS aprt from the default consumer protection for 7 -14 days depending in which country you live.

Bonuses And Extras

Free Offers with ProactolThere are no such bonus’s with XLS Medical. Proactol offers free boxes of Slendex appetite suppressants with all orders over the entry level packages.

Slendex is a complimentary product that can be talken in conjunction with other dietary supplements.

Its a real pity that XLS Medical do not embrace the Bonus or Extra’s culture – most people appreciate a free gift.


When two similar products are compared the price is on most occasions the main differentiator. With the two fat binders its not quite straightforward.

If you wanted to order just a single packet then XLS is more cost effective. But if you wanted to purchase for the more longer term then Proactol Plus works out a good deal cheaper when you factor in the quantity discounts, the additional bonus’s and the coupon codes that regularly run.


Our recommendation would be Proactol Plus.

Proactol Plus XLS Medical Fat Binder

Read Full Review

Read Full Review

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Buy Formoline L112 Australia

Formoline L112 Fat Binder Review

Formoline L112 is available to buy in most countries in the world, including Australia. A few years ago it was proclaimed to be one of the best selling commercial diet pills In Germany.

Formoline L112 is advertised as a cost effective fat binder comprised of natural ingredients. It is meant to assist dieters in lowering their consumption of calories each day by preventing or stopping a certain amount of dietary fat from getting absorbed inside the belly.

How Does Formoline L112 Work

The manufacturers of Formoline L112 claim that their product will lessen the percentage of fat you eat each day without you having to change your normal diet.

The primary ingredient featured in the product’s formula is polyglucosamine. This is a natural, active fibre which attaches itself to the fat in your diet, lowering the quantity you digest.

Polyglucosamine isn’t digested by the stomach, so all of the fat that attaches or binds to it gets moved, in tandem, right through your digestive system to be expelled from your body as waste.

Basically, the fat attached to the active ingredient isn’t absorbed so your body doesn’t get access to any calories that the fat would provide otherwise. Additionally, the indigestible and expanded fibres evoke a feeling of fullness or satiety ( an appetite quelling effect).

The dosage recommended is 2 Formoline L112 tablets twice each day with food. When you have achieved your ideal weight, just one tablet twice each day is required.

The Side Effects With Formoline L112

Formoline L112 ought not to pose any health problems when taken as directed. Any reported instances of side effects are extremely mild and rare. Its’ active ingredient is comprised of a derivative of shellfish though, so all those who have a shellfish allergy should avoid it.

Vegetarians, obviously, should also take note of the shellfish connection mentioned above.

Is Formoline L112 Effective

The clinical data available is not very compelling – this is common with many diet products based on shellfish or crustaceans.

To date, there’s no clinical proof to demonstrate that polyglucosamine functions as a weight loss aid or a fat binder. However, there are several studies which indicate that glucosamine can facilitate healthy cartilage and joints.

Where Can I Buy Formoline Fat Binder L112 In Australia

Although popular and widely stocked in Europe and parts of the United States it sales to date in Australia have ben disappointing.

It is unlikely to be found in chemists and pharmacies (Healthy Pharmacy, Pharmacy 4 Less, In2Health Pharmacy, Blooms The Chemist Chemist Warehouse / My Chemist etc…)

Purchases can be made from authorised online retailer Evo-Slimming

Is Formoline L112 Recommended

Before recommending any weight loss product, we prefer to see proven evidence and clinical data indicating it definitely works. Though quite cheap, it’s therefore difficult to endorse the Formoline Fat Binder L112 any more than we would endorse the other fat binders that are currently available on the market.

Fat binders are only successful if you usually consume lots of food high in saturated fats and (only then) cut down on a small quantity, i.e. typically 20 to 30%.

Recommended Fat Binder

As far as fat binders are concerned its hard to look outside of Proactol Plus.

A long history or success in virtually every country that allows free trade.

Proactol Plus is considered to be the benchmark fat binder that is forming the basis for new product releases.

Read about Proactol Plus


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