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MegaSlim Plus from Next Generation Supplements

MegaSlim Plus from Next Generation Supplements

MegaSlim Plus reviewMegaSlim Plus is a dietary supplement produced in Victoria by Next Generation Supplements.

The company produces a number of other supplements and also markets fitness apparel including training caps and gym towels.

Most supplements these days are produced in capsule form, but powders remain popular and diet drops that are applied under the tongue are also beginning to catch on.

MegaSlim Plus is closer to a diet drop than a pill or a powder, but the dosage is higher and it has to be drunk not applied under the tongue.

The promised benefits are:

  • Increased energy
  • Boosted metabolism
  • Weight loss

What is MegaSlim Plus and How Does it Work?

MegaSlim Plus contains a combination of green tea and citrus aurantium extract. There are no other active ingredients. Any extra energy the formulation provides will probably be due to citrus aurantium, but both ingredients can support the fat burning process.

Key Ingredients

The dosage required will vary according to the user’s weight, but 1ml of MegaSlim Plus provides:

  • Citrus Aurantium (1500mg) [equivalent of 6mg synephrine]
  • Green Tea Extract (600mg)

citrus aurantiumCitrus aurantium is an ingredient extracted from a species of citrus fruit. It contains a chemical called synephrine that is a stimulant. Like any stimulant, synephrine can be good for providing extra energy. It is also known to be effective for boosting the metabolism and encouraging thermogenic fat burning.

In 2012, experts at Creighton University Medical Centre (Omaha, USA) evaluated the results of a number of studies and endorsed synephrine’s ability to increase the resting metabolic rate and energy expenditure. However the volunteers involved in the study received synephrine supplements for a period of 12 weeks. Next Generation Supplements state their formulation should not be used for longer than 8 weeks.

Green tea is one of the most popular weight loss-providing ingredients in the world and its abilities have been proven by numerous scientific studies.

green tea can help celluliteIn one study, conducted in Europe, the researchers set out to discover if the caffeine and polyphenols provided by green tea could increase energy expenditure and fat burning over a 24-hour period. The data the researchers gathered from the study proved that it could, and it is important to note the study was conducted on human volunteers rather than animals. Although animal-based studies are not without value, sometimes things that work well for animals do not work in the same way for humans. So the fact that this study involved human volunteers makes the data more relevant.

Although green tea is a source of caffeine, and caffeine is a proven fat burner, the researchers were not swayed into believing the value of caffeine outweighed the other active components present in green tea. They concluded: “Green tea has thermogenic properties and promotes fat oxidation beyond that explained by its caffeine content per se”.

Usage Instructions – One serving of MegaSlim Plus is required per day and should be taken with breakfast or 5-15 minutes prior to a workout. The dosage is variable depending on the user’s bodyweight.

People who are 75kgs or less should take 2-4ml. People who are heavier than this should consume 3-5ml.

Customer Feedback

Although the manufacturer’s website contains a few positive reviews we were unable to find any independent feedback. Customer opinions that are left at third-party websites and stores are usually more reliable than comments provided at the bottom of a manufacturer’s product sales page. However, presuming the customer reviews are honest, MegaSlim Plus appears to have impressed people with its energy-providing abilities and some customers state it is very useful as a pre-workout supplement.

MegaSlim Plus Side Effects 

Next Generation Supplements state it is unwise to take MegaSlim Plus on an empty stomach. They also admit the liquid has a “strong after-taste”. They suggest users try and get around this by pinching their nose while drinking the formulation. They also state the results will be remembered long after the taste is forgotten. No other health warnings are offered, but MegaSlim Plus will not be suitable for women who are pregnant or nursing a child. We also suggest people who have existing health issues consult their physician before using MegaSlim Plus. The same advice is offered to people who are taking medication or planning to use MegaSlim Plus alongside another supplement.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

People who wish to buy MegaSlim Plus have two size options available:

  • 200ml Bottle (lasts 40+ days)
  • 500ml Bottle (lasts 100+ days)

When purchased directly from the manufacturer’s website a 200ml bottle costs AUD$ 55.95. The larger size costs AUD$ 99.95.


MegaSlim Plus is not sold with a money back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

Although MegaSlim Plus should have the ability to encourage weight loss, the fact that it is so unpleasant to consume will no doubt make it an undesirable option for most dieters. It is also quite an expensive product that is sold without a guarantee. The lack of independent customer feedback is also an issue, so we feel that although the product may have value it is not one of the best weight loss supplements available. A number of other supplements can provide better results, are backed by guarantee, and are not so unpleasant to use.

Looking Elsewhere

PhenQ reviewsArguably the most popular fat burner in Australia is PhenQ – if not the world. PhenQ is a multi benefit, multi action diet pill that can help users burn fat, while also prevent nel fat from being created. It can also help to suppress appetite.

Wjat we like about PhenQ is the lack of hype – it goes about its business without the hyperbole and hysteria often associated with products in it’s class.

Take a look at what experts and customers say

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SkinnyMe Teatox Review

Skinny Me Teatox – Does it work, side effects and what is in it?

Skinnyme Teatoc reviewSkinnyMe Teatox is a combined weight management and detox system produced in Australia by SkinnyMe. The system utilizes two herbal tea blends. The first tea—intended for daytime use—is designed to suppress the appetite, speed up the metabolism, and encourage fat burning.

The second tea is taken just before going to bed and SkinnyMe claims the brew purges the body of unwanted toxins.

This all sounds wonderful in theory, but potential SkinnyMe Teatox buyers should not be fooled by the name. Both blends contain a lot more than tea and many users complain of experiencing nasty side effects.

Purchasing Options

SkinnyMe Teatox can only be purchased from the SkinnyMe website. Payments are processed by PayPal and the company ship to most main destinations including the US and Canada, but although shipping to the UK is available, shipping to other European countries is not.

Two pack sizes are available:

  • 14 day supply of tea for $35
  • 28 day supply for $60

Customers who try to purchase either option will invariably find a Strawberry Tea Strainer ($8) added to their order. This is annoying, but the tea strainer can be removed by removing the tick from the relevant box before completing the checkout process.


SkinnyMe do not appear to be a money back guarantee

Usage Instructions

  • Mornings:  The morning tea comes in loose leaf form. One spoon of tea should be steeped in a cup of near-boiling water for three to five minutes and then be consumed as the first drink of the day.
  • Evenings:  The evening tea should only be consumed every other night. It comes in a teabag which should be steeped in near-boiling water for three to five minutes and be consumed just before going to bed.

Key Ingredients

Morning Tea (Loose Leaf)

  • Sencha Green Tea
  • Yerba Mate
  • Dandelion Leaf
  • Ginseng Leaf
  • Lemon Grass
  • Celery Leaf
  • Nettle Leaf
  • Goji Berries
  • Açai Powder

Evening Tea (Tea Bag)

  • Senna Leaf & Root
  • Hawthorn Berry Extract
  • Barley
  • Lotus Leaf
  • Lime Leaf & Extract
  • Psyllium Husk Seed
  • Phaseolus Calcaratus Seed
  • Rhubarb Root
  • Poria Cocos Stem Bark

Green tea is a renowned fat burner and Senna alone could probably initiate a pretty good colon cleanse, but no inclusion rates are provided so it is hard to say what benefits either blend may provide and some of the ingredients can produce side effects. Yerba mate can cause headaches, nausea, the jitters and many more unpleasant reactions.  Rhubarb root has been linked to kidney failure and many of the other ingredients are known to be just as problematic.

Side Effects and Health Issues

The information is well-hidden on their website, but SkinnyMe admits the tea’s laxative qualities can result in side effects that may include cramping and increased visits to the bathroom.

They also state the colon cleanse tea may cause electrolyte imbalances that may make it unsuitable for people who suffer from diabetes, epilepsy, or any conditions that may be aggravated by such an imbalance.

Independent feedback suggests side effects are common, so we advise pregnant and nursing mothers to avoid this product entirely and suggest all other potential users seek medical advice first.

Customer Feedback

The SkinnyMe Facebook page displays several comments attributed to satisfied customers. The majority of feedback posted on the official website also suggests the product has been well received.

A typical Facebook comment reads:

“I am currently 10 days into my teatox and all i can say is WOW. Ive taken a lot of fat burners and diet pills over the years but nothing is as effective as this tea was for me.”

But SkinnyMe Teatox is a topic of conversation on several forums and blogs and many users complain the tea made them feel unwell.

One forum post reads:

“Just came across this forum. I had heard from some girls at work who had tried the SMT that they were getting sick and having diarrhea from drinking the teas.”

And a blogger states in her SkinnyMe Teatox review:

. . . it gave me really bad cramps and really hurt my stomach. I knew straight away that if the tea was resulting in me having this pain then it couldn’t be good for me.

Media Focus

The June 30, 2013 issue of The Sydney Morning Herald ran a story about the SkinnyMe Teatox Instagram page being shut down due to “health horrors”. The article states Instragram took the action because they considered the product promoted self-harm.

The third paragraph reads:

“Users of the diet tea have reported serious side effects, with one customer hospitalized.”

And a representative from the Australian Medical Association warns:

“The Australian Medical Association would absolutely not recommend buying online programs like this in an effort to control weight.”

The article also points out SkinnyMe responded by setting up a fresh Instagram page. You can read more here

The Bottom Line

The fact that Instagram was worried enough to remove the SkinnyMe page from their site, the subsequent warnings by the Australian Medical Association, and the allegations of side effects, all indicate SkinnyMe Teatox may have the potential to do more harm than good. This is not acceptable so we cannot recommend the use of SkinnyMe Teatox as a weight loss provider or as a detox system. Many safer alternatives are available.

Recommended Diet Product

Buy Garcinia Cambogia Extra AustraliaOur recommendations are based on several criteria with product efficacy and safety being a high priority along with value for money and customer service.

If you are looking for a diet product that has a high success rate and is extremely popular the Garcinia Extra is na excellent choice.

Read why we rate Garcinia Extra so highly

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