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72 Hour Diet Pill Review Australia

The 72 Hour Diet Pill has some very ambitious marketing material and makes some rather steep claims – it is suggested (almost guaranteeing) that users can lose 12lbs within the first 72 hours!

This product is a typical example of diet pill that tries to invent a unique angle but ultimately succeeds in presenting confusion, especially when a purchase it about to be made – more of that at the bottom of the review.

The product website does not have a lot of information on it, no testimonials as such, no explanation of its finer workings and no clinical evidence.

“Whilst the ingredients are unlikely to cause any side effects, taking 72 Hour Diet Pill could cause increased trips to the toilet due to its diuretic effects.”

What Is The 72 Hour Diet Pill

72 Hour Diet Pill is a fat burner, primarily, formulated from natural ingredients that are said to help to increase energy while helping you to burn excess calories.

Buchu Leaves, Uva Ursi and Caffeine are diuretics, these help the body expel water more rapidly through visits to the bathroom. As soon as the body is re hydrated any weight lost through urination will be put straight back on again.

Does The 72 Hour Diet Pill Cause Side Effects

Most likely will not cause anything of any great concern, although as precautionary measure anyone with kidney issues aashould avoid.

Does The 72 Hour Diet Pill Work

A very quick fix weight loss product with an even quicker propensity to put the weight lost back on again. Shedding a 14 pounds in 3 days is not sustainable could do more harm than good.

Where To Buy 72 Hour Diet Pill In Australia

Sold exclusively via its own merchant website, Capital Chemist, Pharmacy 777, Pulse Pharmacy and Yousave unlikely to be stockists.

Other Fat Burners To Consider

If you are looking for a fat burner that offers long term and sustainable weight loss then give Phen375 serious thought.

A powerful fat burner and appetite suppressant combination made from pharmacy grade ingredients that can help you to drop 3-5lbs per week without using any diuretic effect,

More about Phen375


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