Trimplex Elite – Good and Bad Points

Trimplex Elite – Good and Bad Points

Trimplex Elite AustraliaTrimplex Elite is a weight loss supplement with a checkered past.

Although the product contains a couple of good ingredients, a lot of past customers say it let them down.

There are also allegations that indicate the use of an autoship scam.

According to the registration details, the official website was created in March 2013, but when we visited the site for the purposes of this review (May 2017) we discovered it was no longer active.

This could have been due to a server error or other technical glitch, but we attempted to access the site several times over a three-week period and the site was absent on every visit, so it is possible the product has been discontinued.

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Alleged Benefits

  • Speeds up the metabolism without stimulants
  • Provides powerful appetite suppression
  • Accelerates fat burning
  • Boosts energy levels

Key Ingredients

A full ingredient profile is not available, but the key ingredients are raspberry ketone and green coffee bean extract.

Blend Potential

Trimplex Elite before afterTrimplex Elite is designed to suppress the appetite, speed up the metabolism, encourage fat burning, and boost energy levels.

Neither of the two disclosed ingredients are likely to provide the intended energy boost, but raspberry ketone and green coffee bean extract are both capable of speeding up the metabolism and encouraging the body to burn some of its stores of fat.

Raspberry ketone is also highly praised for its appetite suppressing abilities, so the key ingredients would seem to be capable of providing dieters with most of the benefits promised in the Trimplex Elite sales blurb.

However, good results will require an adequate inclusion rate and the weight and ratios used here are not available.

How to Use – The first pill of the day is taken before breakfast. The second one before dinner.

Trimplex Elite Customer Feedback

Some average customer reviews read:

“These pills are fabuloso. I lost 1.5 kilos in the first 3 weeks and never felt hungry at all.” 

“I took the pills in the right way every day, but I never lost any weight at all and I still felt just as hungry as ever.”

“I’ve been let down by a lot of diet pills. Trimplex Elite is not one of them. I lost 5kg before I was even half way through the first bottle.”

“These pills don’t work and they cost the earth. Don’t believe all that crap about the free trial. That’s just to get your credit card details. They kept on sending me pills and hit my card multiple times. The only way I could stop it was by canceling my card.” 

Trimplex Elite Side Effects

A complete ingredient profile is not provided, so it is impossible to predict what kind of negative issues (if any) the use of this product may entail. All potential users should err on the side of safety and get a doctor’s approval prior to trying to lose weight faster with Trimplex Elite.

The Final Evaluation

Trimplex Elite was a difficult diet pill to review because the lack of an active website meant we had to do extensive research in order to discover the important details such as how to use the product and what ingredients it contained.

Finding reliable sources of customer feedback was also a chore. However, the product does have something going for it in as much as it contains a couple of good weight loss ingredients. It’s just a pity the people marketing the product never saw fit to provide any inclusion rates or mention what (if any) other ingredients are involved.

Bearing in mind the lack of a money back guarantee and the sparse level of information available for this product, it is doubtful we could be swayed to recommend it.

If you live in France, you could give it a go and then try and get a refund via the Amazon returns policy if you feel the product is not worth the money. But by far the best thing to do would be to buy a better alternative instead.

Trimplex Elite Buying Options

The official website is no longer functioning, but people living in France can get hold of the product by visiting Amazon. It’s packaged with a detox pill though and, at €100 (USD$ 112), it’s not a particularly cheap way to lose weight.

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Slim Diet Patch Australia

Slim Diet Patch Review

Slim Diet patchBauer Nutrition is probably best known for its range of high quality diet pills and other health and fitness supplements, but it’s an innovative company that always appears to be working on something new.

The latest offering is a weight loss patch.

That’s somewhat of a break from the norm for Bauer, but customer reviews suggest the patch works exceptionally well and the company are backing it with their usual 60-day money back guarantee.

Click here to view current special offers from the Bauer Nutrition Website

Patch or Pill, That is the Question

Lots of people lose weight by taking diet pills, but even the best ones could perform better if the ingredients were not subjected to the harsh gastric juices the body uses to process its food.

Diet patches have an advantage over diet pills because the active ingredients are absorbed through the skin instead via the intestinal walls.

By the time diet pill ingredients have journeyed that far into the body they have already had a pretty hard time.

When a diet patch is placed on the skin the ingredients still posses all their natural potency so, although many people may scoff at the idea of weight reducing skin patch, it’s a good idea. It’s also a perfect option for people who find it difficult to swallow pills.

Slim Diet Patch Australia

Advertised Benefits

  • Boosts the metabolism
  • Supports weight loss 24/7
  • Burns body fat
  • Ingredients retain 95% potency
  • Gets to work fast
  • More powerful than capsules or pills
  • Visible results in a matter of weeks

How Slim Diet Patch Works

Slim Diet Patch is designed to accelerate the metabolism and make it burn calories faster. When the body runs low on calories it starts burning fat to get extra energy. The fact that the patch is busy releasing its ingredients over a 24-hour period allows it to ensure this process continues consistently, night and day.

Key Ingredients Of Slim Diet Patch

There are only three active ingredients in the Bauer Nutrition Slim Patch, but all of them have a good reputation for getting the job done.

  • weight loss patchЅеаwееd Ехtrасt (Fuсuѕ Vеѕісulоѕuѕ): An ingredient that is often added to diet pills because it’s rich is iodine. Many people gain weight because their metabolism has become retarded, causing them to burn calories more slowly than would normally be the case and store the excess calories as fat. The metabolic rate is controlled by special “T” hormones produced by the thyroid gland and the thyroid needs an adequate supply of iodine. Many people do not eat enough iodine-providing food. This has a limiting effect on the amount of hormones the thyroid can produce. Bauer have added this iodine-providing seaweed extract to make sure dieters are not held back by a sluggish thyroid gland.
  • Асаі Fruit Ехtrасt (Еutеrре Оlеrасеа): A highly nutritious berry extract that contains an abundance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids. The presence of these acids steps up the metabolism. Acai also contains compounds (phytosterols) that can help ensure the other ingredients are absorbed more efficiently, so it’s an important addition.
  • Grееn Теа Lеаf Ехtrасt (Саmеllіа Ѕіnеnѕіѕ): Research shows green tea is effective for weight loss because it boost the metabolism and increases 24-hour energy expenditure. The majority of diet pills contain a dose of green tea and it also provides antioxidants that fight free radical toxins and improve and protect the health in many other ways.
How to Use Slim Diet Patch – Patches should always be applied to clean, dry skin and need to be replaced after 24 hours. It’s best not to choose the same spot day after day, but the patches can be stuck to the thighs, arms, back, or shoulders; so there is plenty of choice.

Slim Diet Patch Customer Comments

Customer feedback suggests anyone who invests in Slim Diet Patch should be onto a winner.

A few typical reviews read:

“I only bought the Slim Diet Patch because I saw there was a good guarantee. I won’t be needing it. This product really delivers the goods. What a simple way to lose weight!!!” 

“I had serious doubts about the viability of this product, but nicotine patches helped me to stop smoking, so I decided to give it a go. It works like a charm. I’ve been losing weight from day one and can fit back into my old clothes.” 

“I usually gag when I try to swallow pills, so the Slim Diet Patch is a godsend. I’ve already lost over a stone in weight and all I had to do was change the patch once every day.”

Slim Diet Patch Side Effects 

Side effects are unlikely, but women who are pregnant or nursing a child should always ask a doctor’s advice before they commence using weight loss treatments of any kind. The same advice is offered to people who have existing health problems and to anyone who is using medication.


Slim Diet Patch is backed by a 60-day money back guarantee.

The Verdict

Slim Diet Patch is a quality product that contains powerful weight loss ingredients and delivers them to the body in a way that ensures they retain most of their potency.

Reviews show the patch does what it is designed to do and customers are given a 60-day money back guarantee. We cannot fault this product and are happy to recommend Slim Diet Patch to to anyone looking for a safe and efficient way to lose weight.

Where to Buy Slim Diet Patch

Slim Diet patchThe Slim Diet Patch is only available from the manufacturer’s website. Bauer often offer discounts and deals that make it possible snag a bargain.

At the time of this review, the price per pack had been reduced and customers who purchased two packs together were given a third pack of patches for free.

Customers who purchased three packs got the best deal of all because Bauer were throwing in three extra packs free of charge.

Click here to view current special offers from the Bauer Nutrition Website

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