Metaburn Thermogenic Fat burner

Metaburn Review – by Pharmamuscle

Metaburn reviewMetaburn is a weight loss supplement produced in the UK by Pharmamuscle.

The company produces a range of dietary supplements and appears to mainly target customers from the bodybuilding community, but there is no reason why Metaburn should not be used by less active dieters and a quick look at the list of ingredients suggests the product may produce some good weight loss results.

Lets look closer at Metaburn and see if can live up to its billing of the “advanced triple action thermogenic fat burner

What is Metaburn and how does it Work?

Metaburn is a thermogenic fat burner.

Thermogenic fat burners are formulated to target existing body fat by producing a slight rise in the body’s core temperature and increasing the basal metabolic rate to encourage the burning of additional calories (even at rest). The fat burning process also typically provides an extra rush of energy that can be particularly useful for people who are more athletically inclined (such as bodybuilders).

Key Ingredients

Each capsule provides

  • Green Tea Extract (90% polyphenols)  — 133mg
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract  — 120mg
  • Raspberry Ketones — 120mg
  • L-Tyrosine— 110mg
  • Citrus Orange Peel Extract (Sinetrol)  — 100mg
  • CLA Powder — 100mg
  • L-Carnitine L Tartrate  —   50mg
  • L-Threonine  —   40mg
  • NutraActive®  —   25mg Protease, Lipase, Amylase, Bromelain, Papain)
  • Vitamin B1 (Thiamine HCL)   — 10mg
  • Capsicum — 10mg
  • Biotin  — 100mcg
  • Chromium (Picolinate)  — 50mcg
  • Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin)  — 25mcg

We are impressed. Metaburn contains some very good ingredients. Always a popular diet pill inclusion, green tea is famed for its fat burning potential. Green coffee bean extract is also a worthwhile addition; the beans contain potent stores of chlorogenic acid—a proven fat burner.

Capsicum is another powerful weight loss provider that has proved its worth in the laboratory, but it’s inclusion rate here indicates Pharmamuscle have included it more as a supportive ingredient than a main thermogen.

Raspberry Ketones are yet another good addition. Initial interest in the ingredient’s fat burning potential stems from tests conducted in Japan (1995). Lab rats were fed high fat diets but failed to become obese because their diets were supplemented with raspberry ketones.

Sinetrol supplementation has also been proven to produce significant weight loss results, and several of the other ingredients also have merit. It’s a strong mix. It should work, but let’s take a look at what Metaburn customers say.

MetaBurn Customer Feedback

The Pharmamuscle website contains several customer testimonials that indicate Metaburn delivers the promised results. More importantly, independent feedback left at other sites also suggests a powerful product.

A testimonial from the Pharmamuscle website reads:

“I’ve been taking this three times a day every day. I have loads more energy, I can exercise longer and I’ve lost over 9 lbs. with this. Definitely will be buying a second tub.”

And one from an independent source:

“Amazing!! I’ve been using Metaburn for 3 weeks now and it is already so much better than anything I have taken before. Since I started taking Metaburn I’ve lost more weight than ever before. Great product.”

The amazing thing for us was we couldn’t find and negative feedback, so Metaburn is looking very good indeed.

Celebrity Endorsements

Metaburn appears to have earned the full approval of Lateysha Grace claims to have lost weight with Metaburn from the UK Reality TV series The Valleys.

On June 2, 2014, she stated via her Twitter account:

“Loving my @metaburnuk fat burners. Working on my summer body in #Ibiza #beachbody”

Holly Hogan (Geordie Shore) was also happy to tweet her approval:

“Looking hot thanks to @MetaBurnUK fat burners!”

Usage Instructions

Capsules should be taken two to three times each day. *(according to Vitamin Planet, but I have no idea how many capsules they recommend) I could find no other sources that provide this information.*

Metaburn Side Effects & Health Issues

No side effects have been reported, but Metaburn capsules are unlikely to be suitable for pregnant or nursing mothers. Potential users who are taking medications or who have any existing or suspected health issues are advised to consult their doctor before using Metaburn or any other form of supplementation.

The Bottom Line

Probably one of the most effective fat burning products on the market. With a lineup of so many powerful ingredients it would be hard to go wrong, yet many supplement manufacturers can and do get it wrong and manage to take good ingrediets and blend them into a sub-standard product. We are happy to say this does not appear to be the case here. Customer feedback suggests the capsules deliver on all the promises made for them. Pricewise, they are, admittedly a little expensive, but in this case the old saying applies—you get what you pay for—so any money that is spent will be money well spent. Metaburn is a recommended product.


Pharmamuscle does not offer a money back guarantee, but customers who purchase Metaburn via Vitamin Planet have the added security of a 30 day money back guarantee.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

Metaburn can be purchased from the manufacturer’s website. A tub of 60 capsules costs $99.00 and customers automatically qualify for free shipping (offered on all orders over a certain amount).

Pharmamuscle only ship to customers in the UK, but Metaburn can also be purchased from Vitamin Planet, who do offer international shipping, along with significant price reductions that can be further improved upon by customers who take advantage of bulk buy discounts.

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Why you should introduce raspberries into your diet

Why you should introduce raspberries into your diet
Raspberries and their health benefits

Raspberries are worth eating for their vitamin C content alone. In fact, a serving of just 100mg provides 43% of the recommended daily allowance.

Vitamin C offers many health benefits. It boosts the immune system and is good for the eyes; it protects the heart and has anti-ageing abilities. It can do a whole lot more besides and is certainly a valuable nutrient, but it is not the only nutrient hidden inside the tasty flesh of the little red fruit. Raspberries are packed full of goodness and can enhance the health in many ways.

Some Powerful Facts about Raspberries

  • Raspberries have an unusually high fiber content
  • Raspberries contain greater concentration of antioxidants than most other fruits
  • Raspberry Ketone can help you lose weight

Dietary Fiber

Raspberries stomachFoods that contain high amounts of dietary fiber can create a feeling of satiety that dulls the appetite and reduces the temptation for snacking. This a benefit any dieter will appreciate because fighting feeling of hunger is one of the biggest hurdles calorie-counters have to try and surmount if they are to succeed in losing weight.

High fiber foods are also beneficial for the digestive system, the most noticeable benefit probably being their ability to open the bowels and ensure regularity. High fiber foods are more difficult to digest than many other foods, so the digestive system has to work harder. This means a few more calories need to be burned to complete the process. It also means the digestive system is given a form of high fiber workout that makes it stronger and less susceptible to disease.


Antioxidants are molecules that hinder the oxidation of other molecules. Oxidation is a chemical reaction that occurs inside the body. Although the process of oxidation is essential it can also produce “free radicals” which can cause chain reactions inside the body that lead to the death of important cells and can cause cancer and other diseases. Antioxidants prevent such chain reactions from happening, thereby protecting the health.

The list barely scratches the surface, but the antioxidants provided by raspberries include

  • Vitamin C
  • Carotenoids

As already mentioned antioxidants can protect against cancer, so that’s a pretty good reason to ensure the diet provides a sufficient amount. The antioxidants in raspberries can also protect the eyes from diseases including macular degeneration and cataracts.

With so many health-enhancing antioxidants crammed into each and every berry, raspberries are a valuable food, and beauty-conscious individuals may be interested to learn the same antioxidants that can ensure you feel good can help you to look good as well. Why? Because antioxidants also offer anti-aging benefits and can ensure the skin continues to look better for longer. The wrinkles will probably still get you in the end, but they won’t get you so quickly or easily.

Raspberry Ketone

Oprah Diet Pill Raspberry KetoneRaspberry ketone is a buzz word in dieting circles these days, helped in part by that nice Doctor Oz., who was kind enough to endorse raspberry ketone during one of his shows. Oz compared its fat burning abilities to “lightning in a bottle”; now raspberry ketone is available in numerous supplement forms. It’s a strange state of affairs though, when people are willing to spend big bucks on supplements because they want to look good and largely ignore a fruit that can deliver the same compound and offers so many additional benefits that can ensure the body feels as healthy as it looks.

Click here to find out more about Raspberry Ketone 

Despite its recent rise to fame, raspberry ketone is not favored by all. Some experts point out the need for further testing of the compounds fat burning abilities on human test subjects. At the moment most of the tests conducted have been on rodents, but the results were extremely promising. It is also worth noting many celebrities swear by raspberry ketone, stating it helped them get in shape in record time. The name Roxanne Pallette (Emmerdale Farm) will probably be familiar to many UK residents, and Kym Kardashian is famous on a worldwide scale. Both state raspberry ketone works, as do hundreds of people who pursue less glamorous lives, so although lab tests on humans may be in short supply many humans have tested raspberry ketone for themselves and state it delivers the goods.

Final Thoughts

Season permitting, raspberries are a nutritious fruit available to all—some people even grow them in the garden. As far as taste goes they have a lot to offer, and can eaten as is or used in any number of nutritious recipes. In this case though, the fact that they taste so good is merely the icing on the cake because raspberries are an exceptionally valuable food that has the potential to boost the health with each and every smack of the lips.

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